Terms of use and Privacy policy

Although our website https://www.acropolismuseumkids.gr (the Site) is designed for younger friends of the Acropolis Museum, these pages are addressed to you as a parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

Terms of use

The Site belongs to the Acropolis Museum (‘the Museum’) and its use is subject to specific terms and conditions. The Terms of Use are the rules and guidelines that users of this Site must abide by to use the services available on the Site.

Apart from the explicitly stated exceptions (intellectual rights of third parties, associates and organizations} the Site contains content (texts, images, designs, illustrations, videos, digital applications and services) that are the intellectual property of the Museum. Users should be aware that if documents or data on the Site are the intellectual property of a third party, they cannot be used without the permission of those third parties.

The Museum encourages the private use of the contents of the Site both for personal information and entertainment on a non-profit basis. However its use in any commercial context, for professional use or use by any other organization or service for commercial or for-profit purposes or any other purpose that does not abide with these terms is absolutely forbidden.

Where, without in any way altering the state of intellectual property ownership of the Museum, material from the Site is used, a necessary precondition for such use is the identification and display of its source (the Site) and the name of the creator (where that is identified on the Site) without in any way affecting the intellectual property rights of the Museum.

The supervision of children for which you are responsible is essential when they are submitting their works to the Site’s Gallery. However we also advise that the Museum, intent on ensuring that there are no offensive or upsetting posts to any visitor to the Site, nor anything injurious to users that are posting their works, retains the right to select the works that are finally posted on the Site.

By visiting the Site, you automatically agree with its Terms of Use. With the submission of children’s works of art, you are also agreeing that the Museum has the right to keep the works on the Site for an indefinite period of time. Further, the submission of a child’s work of art provides the Museum with the right to its reproduction and publication.

In addition, every work submitted by your child, or you, to be posted on the Site constitutes a declaration to the Museum that the work is the intellectual property of the person whose details are listed on the work. No works, photograph(s) or images that have protected intellectual property rights should be submitted without the permission of the owner of the intellectual rights. If such a work, photograph or image is posted with the permission of the owner, then the source and the owner must be stated.

No child or adult should submit any work, image or photo for posting that defames or invades the privacy of any person, infringes their trademark (if it exists), or conflicts with other rights or is any other way unlawful.

If users of the Site are found not to abide by the terms and conditions of the Site, then their use of the Site may be forbidden.

The Museum reserves the right to freely change and review the terms of use of the Site, whenever it is considered necessary. Every possible effort is made for the proper operation of the Site and it is guaranteed that possible errors or mistakes are corrected as quickly as is possible.

The Museum has no responsibility for and will not be bound by clearly erroneous or incorrect posts of electronic information but will act as quickly as possible to correct such errors. Any typographical or spelling mistakes in the Site or in this document, do not affect the Site’s validity.

The Museum has no responsibility and in no circumstances guarantees the content, the privacy policy for personal data, the completeness and the quality of services and safety of other websites that are associated with the Site through ‘links’, nor for servers through which the Site is made available to you.

Privacy policy

We need your help to secure the protection of your childrens’ personal data. Please look carefully at this Privacy Policy which explains how the Museum collects, uses and protects the information that is submitted when the Site is being used, before giving your consent to an underage person using the Site.

The management and protection of the personal data of visitors to the Site are subject to the conditions in this document and the provisions of Regulation (ΕΕ) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council (27 April 2016), Law 4624/2019, Law 3711/2008 (Law establishing the Museum), the Presidential Decree 64/2013 (the organization of the Museum) and the decisions of the Board of Directors of the Museum.

In all events the Site retains the right to change the conditions for the protection of personal data, having informed visitors of these changes, and in the context of the current or any future legal framework, having respect to the rights of our users. For this reason it is deemed appropriate that you frequently refer to this Policy.

The website https://www.acropolismuseumkids.gr can be used by underage persons, as long as they have the permission of their parent(s) and/or guardian(s).

How information is collected, data collection and use for publicly declared objectives

Some information is collected automatically by the Museum when you visit the Site. The information is used only in accord with the Privacy Policy and only to the degree necessary to support the publicly declared objectives of the Acropolis Museum.

Collected information is used for the following purposes:

when you use one of our services (such as submitting a work of art to the Gallery) for the purposes of identification and communication

when it is required by a legal or regulatory requirement (for example to trace fraudulent activity)

in the context of improving our cultural services and the Site and

to conduct statistical research.

What information does the Site collect?

When you visit the Site we collect your IP address, which is a unique number that enables a computer, a group of computers or another device to surf the Internet. This is used exclusively to collect statistical data that are necessary for the Site’s redesign, improvement and its alignment with the Museum’s policies. The specific information is never made known to a third party nor does it ever lead to the identification of the personal data of a user.


The Site can use Cookies to recognize the user of certain services and pages of the Site. The Cookies provide the ability to collect information such as: the date and time of your visit, which pages you visited on the Site, the type of browser you use (e.g., Internet Explorer, Firefox etc.), the program you use (e.g. Apple Macintosh, Windows) and the address of your provider.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard disc of every visitor’s device and do not draw any information from any document or file on your device. They are used to facilitate user access to particular services of the Site, and the analysis of use of the Site. This is in order to determine which services of the Site are useful or popular for marketing purposes.

When you visit the Site you can regulate your server in such a way so that you can be informed when Cookies are used by specific services of the Site. This enables you to either to accept the use of the Cookies or to forbid their use under any circumstance. If you do not wish the use of the Cookies you cannot have further access to those services.

The Acropolis Museum, may, in the event of the completion of relevant forms by users, request, collect, store, use and analyze personal information such as the following: first name and surname, profession, address, telephone, email address, country of origin. The data collected by the Acropolis Museum is used exclusively and only for the purposes of its publicly declared objectives.

If there are links to other websites on the Site, which you have chosen to visit, we inform you that the Acropolis Museum has no responsibility for the protection of your personal data on these.

Google Analytics

The Site uses the services of Google Analytics, a website data analysis service of Google Inc (“Google”). Google Analytics uses the so called Cookies. The information received through the Cookies relating to the use of the Site and its visitors, is as a rule transferred to a Google Server in the United States and is stored there.

The IP address that is transferred from the browser to Google Analytics is not involved in any way with other Google data. You can prevent the storage of Cookies through the relevant adjustment to your Browser. However as already mentioned in this case you are likely to be unable to use the range of Site services. You can also prevent the collection of data by the use of Cookies by downloading and installing a Browser-Plugin. Browser-Plugins are available online.