General Direction: Dimitrios Pandermalis

Concept: Niki Dollis

Coordination: Katerina Diamantidou

Content Development: Niki Dollis, Katerina Diamantidou, Maria Beri

Art Editing & Design: Eternal Optimists

Site Production: MainSys A.E.

Production & Animation in Make activities: Stavrina Poulou

Specialist Adviser: Niki Nikonanou

Greek Text Edit: Katerina Diamantidou, Maria Beri, Stamatia Eleftheratou

Translation to English:  Niki Dollis

English Text Edit: Maria Beri

Support: Evaggelia Fragou, Vassilis Chrysikopoulos

Technical Support: Evangelos Koropoulis, Danae Zaoussi

Photographs: Photo Archive, Acropolis Museum

Photographers: Yiorgos Vitsaropoulos , Konstantinos Arvanitakis

Soundtrack in Cooking Class - Ancient Edition: Happy Rock, Composer: Benjamin Tissot (

Soundtrack in the NEWS - Our friendly Museum visitors are slowly arriving: Jazz Comedy, Composer: Benjamin Tissot (

For the games Mission S.A.M. Unite the Parthenon’s Sculptures, A bizarre walk on the Acropolis, A morning in ancient Athens, Gigantomachy, Secrets hidden in the soil and Rock-Chisel-Scribe in the acropolismuseum kids Fun section, visit