About us

 What is the acropolismuseum kids?

 This text provides you with a brief summary of the purpose and objectives of the acropolismuseum kids’ website (the Site).

The Acropolis Museum has designed the Site especially for children aged 6-12 years.

While the Museum provides organized school programs and other educational programs, its objective, regarding the acropolismuseum kids, is to create a website with activities that encourage children to actively engage with the Museum as a whole: its exhibits, the archaeological site of the Acropolis from which the exhibits originate, its services and its back of house operations, that is, the total experience!

The Site aims to attract children from all over the world, using fun and informative activities and games, some of which are digital and others which can be done offline at home. We aim both to support creativity as well as strengthen our relationship with this young audience through the Site. Through the children we hope that we can engage parents and guardians too!

 Safety and privacy protection

We have designed the site so that it is safe for children, in respect of child’s rights [as outlined in the Parliamentary Approval of the International Agreement for the Rights of the Child (Greek Law 2101/1992)]. You can post your children’s art works or children can post them on the site’s Gallery with your permission, but there is no online interaction with other people or between the children themselves.

We regulate everything on the Site, including the games and activities. We monitor the works that children may post on the Gallery to ensure that any work posted on the Site is not offensive or disturbing to anyone visiting the Site.

Despite this, some ancient Greek myths contain elements of violence, and their content could be considered frightening by some users. We take care that such myths are presented in such a way that they remain accurate but avoid creating any concern for users.

When a child’s work is submitted to the Site’s Gallery, the Museum collects some information about the child or parents and/or guardians. We do this to improve the site by better understanding how you or your child is using the Site. To find out more about the operation of the site and how we protect your children rights, refer to the other pages in this section of the Site. See the Safety, Privacy Policy and Cookies and the Terms of Use pages.

A visit to the Museum

 We hope that the Site’s users can visit the Acropolis Museum in person at some time. In addition to the amazing exhibits in our galleries, the Museum offers a range of videos, models and other aids to make this visit enjoyable. For children and their families, the Museum provides free backpacks on loan and family trails and has developed a family audio guide. During the festive season activities and programs for children are frequently provided. Children and their families can also visit the Kids Corner on the second floor of the Museum where they can have fun playing with digital games on the available PCs. There is also the LEGO Acropolis and other special exhibits to explore (check the Museum’s website for more information on these).


 If you have any comments or questions about acropolismuseum kids, please email us at info@acropolismuseum.gr