"Present"-ing the pomegranate!

Design it, color it, decorate it and give it to your loved ones so that they will remember you forever!

What will you need:

-Clay or salt dough*

-Pair of scissors

-A straw

-A toothpick

-Pomegranate pattern**

-Cord or ribbon

*Salt dough recipe  **Pomegranate design

"Present"-ing the pomegranate!

What is this pomegranate for you might ask? Well, it' s a special one that you can offer as a gift! Color it, decorate it and give it to your loved ones so that they will remember you forever! But beware this creation needs inspiration and effort because…the making of a special pomegranate requires patience!



Isn't it so much fun to receive a gift? And not only to receive gifts, but to offer gifts too. In ancient times people gave gifts not only to their loved ones, but also to the gods, hoping to please them. But what gift can you offer to a god or a goddess who has it all? The Athenians offered statues of young girls, the Korai as they are known, as gifts to the patron goddess of their city, Athena. It’s thought that these statues were made to represent the goddess or her priestesses and although being gifts themselves, they also often held a pomegranate in their hand, offering it as a gift to Athena. The numerous seeds and the bright red color of the pomegranate made it a symbol of plentifulness, good life and good luck. Maybe that's why even today we still give pomegranates as good luck charms. Are you ready to make the most beautiful pomegranate to offer to friends and family?

Print the activity

Tο make this lovely gift collect all your materials on a flat clear surface.


Let’s start! Print the outline that you have and cut out the pomegranate. If you wish you can glue the cut out on cardboard so it is more stable.


Take a piece of clay (or you can use salt dough) large enough to make a ball about the size of a ping pong ball. Press down to make a flat disc a little larger than the pomegranate you have cut out.


Carefully place the pomegranate pattern on your flat clay so you can use it as a guide to cut out your pomegranate.


Take your toothpick and cut firmly around the pomegranate pattern.


Carefully remove the extra clay that remains from your clay pomegranate.


Don’t forget to make a hole on your clay pomegranate in the spot shown on your pattern. That way you will be able to hang your pomegranate later by passing some ribbon or a string through the hole.


Let the clay dry for a whole day and a night so it becomes solid.


Υour pomegranate is ready to be decorated! Let your imagination go wild and paint, glue or carve whatever decoration you wish on the pomegranate. If you like, send a photo of your pomegranate to our Gallery.